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About Alma

Throughout my career as a recognized bassist, producer, arranger, composer, I’ve had the good fortune of being able to make a successful living doing what I love most - playing music and making records - not to mention the opportunity of working with many of my idols.

I’ve also experienced the other side - where an equally talented but lesser known artist is overlooked by the mainstream music industry in its perpetual quest for the next “flavor of the month”.

I felt I could make a difference by creating a record label that looks for the “feel” in a song and its performer, and not just the formula. Therefore I opened my own record company in November of 1992 to produce quality material by quality artists.

I chose a name for our record company to symbolize our standards and sensitivity to talent and the creative process. That name is “Alma”, which means “soul”. Without it there is no artist - Without it there is no label.

Alma Records discovers and develops new and original artists who choose not to be compromised by the demands of an obsessively commercial music industry.

This philosophy has been a success. Our company has a roster of exceptionally gifted musicians and artists who have recorded an enduring catalogue of albums. Their work is now available around the world via prudent licensing deals with kindred labels such as Universal, eOne, edel, JVC, Proper, Perleberg, Pony Canyon, Gallo, EMI, Scorpio, Sony, Warner, and more.

Now, with a solid business foundation and international respect in place, the label will be augmenting its strengths via more direct artist signings and development, licensing deals - foreign and domestic, increased marketing and promotions, a film music division, multi media productions, and expanding our publishing company, “Cardster Music Co.”

The future looks good. We hope you will share it with us.

Peter Cardinali
President, Alma Records